DHHS Engage! Program

The Engage! program aims to help young people get involved in their communities.

Through Engage!, young people aged 12 to 25 years are helped to get involved in all aspects of community life, from volunteering and mentoring programs, to projects that will increase real-life skills and connect young people to further education, training or careers.

Engage! aims to:

  • Increase young people’s participation in their community by getting involved in local decision-making and community initiatives
  • Increase the knowledge, skills and leadership abilities of young people, and provide pathways into education, training and careers
  • Improve young people’s networks and strengthen connections with their families, friends and community.

K.Y.M. currently runs two Engage! Programs, ‘Our City’ and ‘Find Your Future’.

‘Our City’ encourages youth participation within the cities of Knox and Maroondah. The aim of the program is for a group of young people under guidance and assistance, to organise a charity or community event for a selected organisation. This proactive youth focused activity will assist young people to gain confidence and have the ability to participate in a program that will strengthen their connection to community and promote social inclusion. It also gives our young people the opportunity to look beyond their personal life experiences and gain a greater understanding of others within their community.

‘Find Your Future’ assists young people transitioning through teenage years to adulthood and the development of life skills to support that transition. We recognise that when young people are disengaged from community and family this can be a minefield of confusion, the aim of the program is to build resilience, develop life skills and improve the personal skills and wellbeing of the young person.